Understanding the ISR Policy

Understanding the ISR Policy

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A Comprehensive Guide on the cover afforded by the Industrial Special Risks Policy for Insurance Brokers and Advisers, Underwriters and Claims Officers, Loss Adjusters, and Risk Managers: Volumes 1, 2 and 3

By far the most comprehensive guide to the ISR wordings ever produced, the Guide spans three volumes and provides a clause-by-clause explanation of the Mark IV policy, both the Advisory and Modified versions (Volume 1), and the Mark V policy, again both the Advisory and Modified versions (Volume 2). Each volume also provides a comprehensive list of endorsements. Volume 3 of the Guide contains a schedule of the near 200 differences between the wordings, a comprehensive up-to-date explanation on the rules of policy interpretation, and a similar part on the rules of proximate cause, with special reference to the ISR.

The Guide contains case studies, court decisions, definitions and analysis of the Insurance Contracts Act and how it impacts on the ISR. The Guide is also fully indexed for easy reference.

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