You must first identify in order to mitigate

At LMI Group, we are dedicated to working with our clients to ensure businesses are provided with the correct advice on Risk Management, Claims management and Policy coverage.

Risk Surveys are a very important part of the process of understanding the business and identifying and managing potentials risks for the customer, the broker and the underwriter. More and more we are finding clients who require a professional survey to be carried out to obtain their insurance coverage and we encourage all businesses in high risk occupations to consider this in any respect.

LMI have the expertise as well as a network of Risk Surveyors and Risk Engineers that can assist you and your customer.

We cater for risks from small enterprises to large and complex operations and high hazard occupations.

Review Parameters

  • Site / Building attributes, use & operational overviews.
  • Location details & exposures.
  • Construction details & Services / Utilities.
  • Other Hazard Exposures e.g. Dangerous goods, Explosion, Process & Mobile equipment.
  • Carefully control any hot works – grinding, welding, cutting etc
  • Identifying alternative locations to operate from should your premises be untenantable for a period of time
  • Fire & Security Protection.
  • Extraneous / Natural Peril Exposure & Housekeeping aspects.
  • Risk Management Controls, Protection & Prevention Measures, & exposures.
  • Observations / Suggestions / Risk Improvements / Considerations / Recommendations.



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