Risk Assessments

You cannot manage what you cannot measure!

LMI Group’s risk management division, Risk Management International Pty Ltd (“RMI”), provides surveys in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Fire
  • OH&S
  • Liability (including slips and falls)
  • Contract risks
  • Crime and fraud prevention
  • Enterprise-wide risk

Our Risk Management brochure provides further information for your convenience

A basic risk survey is undertaken in order to evaluate physical risks at a site(s) and identification of areas where the risk may be reduced. A comprehensive survey report is provided, including photographic evidence and recommendations, where appropriate. See our Risk Survey page.

Risk surveys not only reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring and thereby minimise the likelihood of injuries, reduced workforce, loss of production, liability claims, etc, but often also result in a reduction in the insurance premium.

Enterprise-wide risk management looks at all facets of the business from strategic planning to operations. It takes a balanced risk approach in all areas to achieve the highest level of customer and shareholder value possible. It is important to view the world from a ‘risk perspective’, but this does not mean you have to put all your effort into minimising risk. For shareholders, risk is good as long as it is commensurate with an adequate level of return.

Besides risk surveys, RMI provides a wide range of risk management services, including business continuity management.

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In the meantime, please enjoy these free Insurance Risk Assessment resources:

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