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Take the headache out of claims

Having an expert explain the finer details of insurance cover, assist in loss minimisation strategies and prepare the claim, allows the insured to do what they do best: look after their customers and get the business back on track as quickly as possible.

LMI Group's loss management division has highly experienced experts who work with the business and its brokers/advisers to minimise the disruption, prepare a business recovery plan, and quantify and prepare the insurance claim in accordance with the policy cover.

In many cases, the cost of engaging us is covered under the policy.

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Our Expertise

The team to make it happen

Our claims team is the most academically qualified and experienced team in material damage and business interruption loss management in Australasia. Members of our team have been involved in every major disaster since the 1974 including the Brisbane Floods and Cyclone Tracey.

    • Cause investigations
    • Accurate quantification and verification of loss
    • Insured and non-insured losses
    • Commercial insurance expertise
    • Business strategies
    • Crisis management
    • Accounting, engineering and business recovery specialties

Our Team

With over a thousand years of combined in-house experience and an office in every State and territory in Australia and New Zealand the team here at LMI Group are perfectly placed to assist you with your insurance claim.


Phoenix Awards

LMI Group’s Phoenix Award recognises those businesses that had the management skill and tenacity, coupled with adequate insurance, to not only revive and survive, but truly thrive following such a loss/disruption.



The International Institute of Claims Preparers (IICP) is a premier academic organisation dedicated to advancing the practice and promotion of knowledge about general insurance claims preparation.



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