Our Mission

The purpose of the LMI Group is to provide loss management, risk assessment and technical advice to the business and insurance communities. We do this by combining rigorous academic research, continuing professional development, and hands on practical experience, with the innovative use of technology and knowledge management.


Our Vision

Working our Strategic Plan

At LMI Group, we believe that our business must be guided by a core set of principles. We have therefore crafted a vision statement that guides our approach every single workday.

Our Vision – Business Success

Our vision is to be the innovative organisation of choice for expert loss management, risk assessment and technical advice and solutions.

We will always put the customer first. Our business, above all else, is about business success. We are the light at the start of the tunnel to guide our customers, so that even a business in crisis not only revives and survives, but thrives.

We are happiest when the crisis is averted, but should it happen, our clients are in safe hands with the LMI Group. To that end, we will work with our customers to provide meaningful advice and deliver mission-critical business solutions that meet or exceed their specific needs and, in the case of intermediaries, their and their clients.



Enhancing customers’ profitability by providing superior products and services



Utmost good faith is the underlying principle of general insurance. Utmost good faith is also the underlying principle of all that is the LMI Group



We always place the customer’s needs first



Leading the insurance and business communities by using new technologies combined with knowledge management most effectively



Helping customers discover better ways to meet their business objectives. We seek to minimise threats and maximise opportunities



Uniting great people, reliable solutions, and stellar service at all times

Our Corporate Value Statement

As a company, and as individuals, we at LMI Group value:

Integrity & Honesty

‘Uberrima Fides’ (utmost good faith) is the paramount principle underpinning general insurance. It is the underlying value of all those in the LMI Group.

A Passion for Customers, Our Allies & Technology

We will strive to be leaders in our field, maximising returns to all stakeholders. We will achieve leadership in our field by:

  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Being proactive, innovative and flexible in creating products, services and processes, and in resolving problems
  • Being mindful of the many, sometimes contradictory, demands and expectations of all our customers
  • Engaging in fair and honest business practices

Taking on Big Challenges & Seeing them Through

No matter how big the challenge, we at LMI Group are prepared to take it on and see the project through to conclusion.

Treating Others with Respect, Trust & Dignity

We will create a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterised by honest, direct and relevant communication. We are committed to communicating definable and measurable goals, and accept our accountability to customers, shareholders, allies and employees for commitments, results, and quality. We will act with integrity, engendering trust in both colleagues and customers. We will honour diversity, individuality, and personal and professional differences. We are committed to conducting our business with the highest professional and ethical standards and to treating all resources entrusted to us as if they were our own.

A Commitment to Employee Growth & Well-Being

We are committed to a working environment characterised by continuous learning, an entrepreneurial, can-do spirit and team orientation. Employees can take pride in being part of a winning team, with the satisfaction of meeting a challenge, while customers benefit from a more responsive product range and service.

We will establish clear accountabilities and performance measures to drive rewards and advancement

In addition, we are committed to an environment that is willing to allow for a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. This includes the provision of a safe workplace. Such a commitment will enable us to attract and retain the best-qualified people, creating a workplace of which we can be proud, and where we can enjoy our work, all the while seeking to carry out our mission and fulfil our vision.

Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

At LMI Group we are committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity with all clients and staff. We strive to make certain that all sections of society are represented and respected, as well as able to perform their best.

The company will continue to recognise the contribution of all members. All aims and objectives will be undertaken without any discrimination based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage, and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation and the company will actively promote diversity and inclusion.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion include:

  • To create an environment where all individual differences and contributions are recognised and valued
  • Every client and employee is entitled to respect and an environment that contains no form of bias, intimidation, bullying or harassment
  • Training, development and progression opportunities are available for all
  • To promote the fact that inclusion in the workplace is good management practice and makes sound business sense and is a fundamental principle that businesses and bodies should embrace to reach their full potential